Gourmet Blueberries Ltd.

First Established: year 2000

Location: Heretaunga Plains, Hawkes Bay

Land Area: 79 hectares

Production per season: Over 600 tonnes


Our entire crop is enclosed with a netting structure, providing protection from birds, wind and hail. As well as this a overhead frost protection sprinkler has been installed.


Use of the latest and best performing blueberry variants means improved fruit size, flavour and timing of harvest to better match market requirements.


Light soils and a hot dry climate as in the Hawkes Bay, combined with innovative growing techniques makes for superior fruit.


Innovations include the fertigation and irrigation systems similar to that used in a glasshouse environment.


Each plant is individually fed a mixture of fertiliser and water, through a dripper system fully computer controlled and determined by the production manager.



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Phone: 0064 9 275 3415