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Our biggest blueberry farm (Gourmet Blueberries Ltd) was first established in the Hawkes Bay in the year 2000. As it stands today, fruit is grown in over 79 hectares of land, producing over 600 tonne of fruit each season (November - May).


Our entires crop is enclosed with a netting structure, providing protection from birds, wind and hail.


Light soils and a hot, dry climate like in the Hawkes Bay combined with innovative growing techniques ensure top quality fruit.

Use of the latest and best performing Blueberry variants means improved fruit size, flavour and timing of harvesting to best match market requirements.


Since Gourmet Blueberries was established we have gone on to grow Blueberries in other areas of the country including central Otago and West Auckland.



Tray of Blueberries (12c)

125 gm Punnet. Also available in larger formats on request.

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